Review of Special Sauce from Mystic Roots

Mystic Roots CBD flower - the whole 1/8th

Hi all. Today, we’re going to take a close look at a new (to me) company I found called Mystic Roots.

Mystic Roots CBD order

Strain: Special Sauce

Potency: CBD/CBDa 19.63% (high)

Shopping 8/10

Shopping/Shipping 10/10

Product: 1/8th of CBD Flower
Price: $15
Date Ordered: Aug 23, 2018
Date Delivered: Aug 29, 2018

Mystic Roots CBD flower - package and contents

Just a quick note:
I made a mistake when I ordered and entered the wrong city and zip code. The order would have been delivered a long time ago if I hadn’t messed up.

Fortunately, I was contacted by Mystic Roots and I gave them my correct shipping info. They re-sent the package at no additional cost (Shipping was already free).

Very awesome!!!!

Sender Name: The sender’s name on the package is “Mystic Roots”

Presentation na/10

Testing Grade 3/10

The included test results were for potency only. No terpene or pesticide testing.

First Smell 7/10

Special Sauce from mystic Roots is very similar to the other Special Sauce strains I’ve tried (Herbalites, Tweedle Farms, etc).

Mystic Roots CBD flower - packaging

The smell is very sweet and earthy. Not super strong at all, but it definitely smells pleasant.

Bud Quality 6/10

These buds came in a plastic ziplock type baggie. These kinds of bags are one of my least favorite types of packaging because it takes nice buds and smashes them flat. But other than that, the buds are pretty average size, dense, and overall pretty nice.

Mystic Roots CBD flower - small frosty bud

Vaping Taste 7/10

For vaping, I’m using my Arizer Argo set at 370f.

Vaping taste is very floral and earthy with maybe a hint of citrus. There is a distinct bitter after taste with this and all other Special Sauces I’ve tried. Almost like chewing on an orange seed.

Mystic Roots CBD flower - best buds

Effects 9/10

Effects are very nice. Super calming with a tiny hint of euphoria.

Great for daytime or night time.

Overall Value 8/10

Overall, this is a great product. And at only $15 for 1/8th, the price was definitely great.

I also have to say again that I was really impressed at how fast they handled my mistake and that they re-sent my package at no extra charge.

The only thing I’d like to see is better test results.

I hope this has been helpful. And stay tuned for more reviews soon!

— Bud


  1. A million miles better than anything from CBD Hemp Direct and a better value than Tweedle. Thanks Bud! I also found a place now that has pounds for 75 in bulk but I’m not in the market for 50lbs. The stuff I got from CBD Hemp Direct was clearly kief and looking at the microscope on the MR flower we can see most heads are intact. Some were damaged but honestly that’s going to happen for flower too long in the field, rain or heavy handling but still this stuff looks great for Industrial Hemp. I got 224g for 275$ with a coupon.

  2. hi Bud J I tried reaching out to them and no response (emailed and called)

    • Yea, i’m in the same boat I have emailed and tomorrow I will call about my order i made and paid for on the 14th ov nov. Still no hemp…

  3. I ordered two 1 gram samples from them last night and used a code that gave me 15% off. The invoice they sent me didn’t show the 15% off. I sent them a question about it and they never responded. They wound up canceling my order for no reason.

    • UPDATE: they sent me an invoice 2 hours after it was “due” and I paid it. This was 2 weeks ago still no hemp… I’ve emailed 3 times.. no response.

      • I did check my statement, the payment did go through, and I called today, no answer. Looks like I’ll be doing a stop payment. So sad. SMH.

  4. Sells rep contacted me saying sorry for the mistake and the product would show up in 5 days max. It’s been 11 days and still no product. I’m probably just out $17.

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