Review of Suver Haze from Hippy Mood

Hippy Mood Buds

Today, we’re looking at some really nice flower from Hippy Mood.

I got this sample in the mail Saturday, and have been wanting to review it, but life had other plans. Mostly, trying to tame the new beast of a light I just installed in the grow tent. All good things! 🙂

Let’s get into it.

Hippy Mood Jar

I love real glass jars! The smell when opening smells so much more smooth!

Seller: Hippy Mood

Strain: Suver Haze

Price: $14.99 for 1gm to $124.99 for 28gm

Smell – 9/10

The smell is really nice. Really strong.

Hippy Mood Buds

I smell: Lime, Cedar, Crude

Bud Quality 8/10

Trimming – 8/10

Density – 8/10 nice and dense

Hippy Mood Bud Cut in half

I just couldn’t bring myself to cut open the big bud, so I dissected a smaller nug.

Size – 9/10 slightly above average, but one was getting into the golf ball range!

Vaping experience

Hippy Mood Buds

Effects 9/10

I’m not sure if it was the flower, or if I was just super tired at the time, but after vaping this, I felt pretty sleepy / euphoric. Then more clear and calm after about 20 minutes.

Pricing – 7/10

Quick Update Just wanted to thank Hippy Mood for sending me this sample! And also to pass on a message that Hippy Mood offers free shipping on all of their products. I’m adjusting the score up for that 🙂 — I’ve also adjusted the overall grade! Thanks again, Hippy Mood for the free shipping on a great product you are obviously very passionate about!

For small amounts ($15 per gram ) prices are really steep. But if you can afford a half oz or an ounce, prices are very good.

Hippy Mood Buds

Overall Grade A-

It’s an amazing product. The buds were top notch. And again, for those who can afford larger quantities, this is a value for sure.

But I had to take some off for the pricing of small amounts.

— Bud

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Everyone have a great week!

Be well!

— Bud


  1. I feel like you should have given a lower score due to pricing, if you give good scores to all vendors then this is no longer an honest review but advertisement.

    • Hippy mood is well worth the price. I honestly believe hippy mood has the best tasting, highest terpene, well rounded hemp flower there is. I choose hippy mood even over starseed, which a lot of people swear to be the best. And really, with free shipping, hippy mood is actually cheaper than any other top grade hemp vendor. If your used to cbd hemp direct, you will never go back once trying hippy mood, it literally blows it out of the water in all catagories.

      • Have you tried Fields of Hemp or Treasure Valley CBD outta Oregon Both really solid companies with tip shelf buds at low prices. 80 dollar ounces.

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