Reviews of Otto and Berry Exotic CBD Flower from DrGanja

Otto and Berry Exotic

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Reviews of Otto and Berry Exotic CBD Flower from DrGanja

Review by A.V.

Shopping na/10

Ordering / Shipping 10/10

The packaging was great, it came in a box with the mylar bags vacuum sealed and bubble wrapped with air bags in the surrounding space. They also change the sender/return address so that it doesn’t attract attention.

Otto /Berry Exotic 2

Otto /Berry Exotic 1

Presentation na/10

First Smell 8/10

Berry Exotic – Light floral, very fruity, spicy/peppery smelling.

Otto /Berry Exotic 6

Berry Exotic

Otto – Pungent, Earthy, Diesel, Woody
Otto /Berry Exotic 3

Testing Grade 5/10

Safety testing: No (-5)

Potency Testing: Yes (+3)

Terpene Analysis: Yes (+2)

Bud Quality

Berry Exotic – 7/10
The buds were pretty good, overall small popcorn sized nugs. I did find two nonviable seeds but the trimming was good and no seeds/stems since. Very sticky and not dried out.

Otto /Berry Exotic 7

Berry Exotic

Otto – 9/10
Now these buds! Each bud was about 1g each, very dense and SUPER frosty, a little drier than Berry. Lots of trichromes, no stems/seeds, just good looking flower.

Otto /Berry Exotic 4


Vaping Taste 9/10

Berry Exotic – Very floral and citrusy, sweet fruity taste a little like candy, really brought back memories of Suzy Q. More flavorful than Otto.

Otto /Berry Exotic 8

Berry Exotic

Otto -Inhale is floral, piney, earthy, very very smooth. Cherry notes on the exhale, hands down the smoothest hemp flower I’ve had.

Otto /Berry Exotic 5


Now, me and Bud have two different types of vaporizers. I do have a CFX but I primarily use my Dynavaps which are butane-powered vaporizers so my experience with taste/flavor may differ since I don’t have an exact temperature I’m vaping at. Overall though with both flowers I get about 3-5 heat cycles out of one cap. The reason I mention this is that with lower quality hemp I only get 1-2 heat cycles.

Effects 8/10

Berry Exotic – 7/10 I feel like this is a good daytime strain, it didn’t make me as tired as Otto and I didn’t really get hungry from it. It made me feel more mentally alert. The effects didn’t last as long though.

Otto – 9/10 This one I felt was much stronger. I could feel the effects instantly. I felt calm, very relaxed. In higher doses it definitely helps with sleep. This is a very good strain for nighttime use.

Overall Value 7/10

Berry Exotic – I can’t give a rating as I’m not sure of the pricing on this one.

Otto – 8/10 At $10/g, $39/quarter, and $90/oz it’s priced very nicely for what you get. Shipping was perfect and got to me within 3 days during memorial day week! They also include free shipping on all US orders and they ship internationally too.

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  1. I was wondering if dr ganja was legit or not. It seems they just buy products from the better known cbd flower sites and sell them. So i was kinda sketched if i should buy from them or not.

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