Russian Automatic from CannaComforts CBD Hemp Review

Russian Automatic from Canna Comforts - jar

Today we’re going to take a look at a strain called Russian Automatic from CannaComforts. This is the first time I’m hearing about the strain, but according to CannaComforts, “Russian Automatic (RNA) is a CBD Hybrid mixing AK-47 and Skunk Autoflowering. Outdoor grown in Oregon.”

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Seller: CannaComforts
Strain: Russian Automatic RNA

Potency: CBD/CBDa 11.23% – Less than 0.3% THC

Product: 1/8th of CBD Flower
Price: $30

Smell 7/10

The Initial Smell is not very strong at all. Kind of earthy, woody, and piney. Seems like curing was very minimal.

Russian Automatic from Canna Comforts - closeup 1

After grinding the smell pretty much explodes out of this flower. There’s sweet, savory, spicy, citrus, and a little gas.

The curing might not have been good on this flower, but the smell and terpenes are there for sure. You’ve just got to dig a little bit.

Bud Quality 8/10

Density: 7/10
Size: 8/10

Buds are medium green with a hint of purple and orange hairs. They are very nice size and dense.

Russian Automatic from Canna Comforts - closeup 2

Taste 9/10

I didn’t smoke this flower, but I did vape it with my Arizer Argo, and the taste is really good. I was actually surprised that there isn’t more CBD, because there was a substantial amount of vapor from a bowl.

Russian Automatic from Canna Comforts - closeup 4

Effects 8/10

Relaxed, calm, and clear.

Russian Automatic from Canna Comforts - closeup 3

Pricing 7/10

At $10 per gram and $30 per 1/8 ounce, the price is on the higher end (still way cheaper than dispensary prices). But if you go to an ounce, it’s $100, which is a really good price.

Overall Grade A-

Hope this has been helpful.

— Bud

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  1. Would appreciate comments about packaging and smell because want to reduce risk of shit from ordering someone who doesn’t package well.

  2. Hey Bud, I have another site I want some feed back on its called Secret nature

  3. Their packaging is great they double package to mask the smell. I’ve had no problems and I love the Russian automatic Def a Hybrid

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