Special Sauce from Tweedle Farms

Special Sauce from Tweedle Farms - one bud

Today, we’re going to take a closeup look at the new Special Sauce from Tweedle Farms.

We’ve seen special sauce from several vendors already, including Herbalites, BuyLegalMeds, RawHempInfusions, Empire Wellness, and possibly more, but I can’t remember 🙂

Shopping na/10

Shipping 10/10

As usual, Tweedle Farms did a great job with shipping. They are usually fast, very discrete, and best of all, they don’t smush the buds. 🙂

Presentation 8/10

With Tweedle Farms, packaging is pretty standard (in a good way). They don’t have any logos or design on the packages. Just the strain name and some other info hand written with a marker. And one side of the package is clear so you can see the contents.

Testing Grade 10/10

Safety testing: yes (+5)

Potency Testing: Yes (+3)

Terpene Analysis: Yes (+2)

Tweedle Farms Special Sauce test results

Click to see full size

First Smell 9/10

The smell isn’t super overwhelming/ strong just out of the bag, but it is quite nice. It’s a very sweet smell. I can smell some of that skunkiness, but not a ton. There’s also some other almost pineapple like smell.

Special Sauce from Tweedle Farms - bud in thumb

Bud Quality 9/10

These aren’t the biggest buds, but they are a nice size. I’d call the buds medium to medium small.

Special Sauce from Tweedle Farms

They are completely seedless, which for most people is a positive.

Buds are medium to light green in color with a fair amount of trichomes and rust/ orange colored hairs. Very pretty!

Vaping Taste 9/10

“Even though it’s not my favorite, I’ve enjoyed just about every batch of Special Sauce I’ve tried. And this one is just as good, if not better.

Special Sauce from Tweedle Farms - 2 buds

For this taste test, I ground up a small bud by hand and packed it into my Arizer Argo with the temp set at 355.

The taste starts out terpy, but not overwhelmingly terpy, which is nice.

The biggest flavors are citrus and pine for me.

Special Sauce from Tweedle Farms

After the first couple of terp hits, the flavor becomes much more mellow and the vapor production really starts to increase.

A .3 gram bowl lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes. Especially if you adjust the temperature higher toward the end of your session.”

Effects 10/10

Effects are really good. Very relaxing. Great for day time use b/c you’re not going to get stoned from it. Just very relaxed and feeling great!

Overall Value 10/10

So far, with Tweedle Farms, you really can’t go wrong. They have a top shelf product for a fraction of what you’d pay at a dispensary.

And you don’t have to live in a legal state to buy it! Woot!

This is another no brainer for me. I definitely recommend it.

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. My current favorite in rotation as far as effects go, super relaxing strain.

  2. I am not a fan of the smell of this strain at all – it is definitely fruity, but not in a good way. Taste is OK, but probably my least favorite of any of the “high grade” hemp flower that I’ve tried. The nugs were also extremely small – more like nuglets or pebbles really. I don’t mind that since my pocket grinder is super small anyhow, but it’s worth mentioning. The effects are definitely top shelf though – it’s very easy to fall asleep after vaping a glass stem worth in my fury 2 (hemp flower goes *so* much further in that thing, it’s crazy).

    • How is the battery life of the fury 2? What kind of mods/accessories does it have.. i’ve been eyeing that one for it’s stealthness.

  3. My antivirus software (Mcafee) keeps alerting me about trojan bitcoin miners any time I visit this site. Idk what up with that…anyone else have this?

    • McAfee detected two separate malware:

      It didnt staart doing this until abou 2-3 days ago. now it’s everytime i access this site!!!!!!

      • Thanks for the heads up. It was a new service I installed. It’s not harmful at all to anyone, and it’s an alternative to showing adsense ads (which can be harmful). It (spare change plugin) uses your browser and a small amount of CPU to process monero (digital currency) transactions. mjgeeks gets a few fractions of a penny, and the visitors don’t have to see ads. But I didn’t realize it was going to set off anti virus alarms 🙁

        I really like this idea of monetizing the site this way (instead of showing annoying / spammy ads), but if it doesn’t work out, it’s on to plan b, c, d, e, … 🙂

        I have switched to a different provider.

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