Strain Review: Frostbite CBD Flower from Empire Wellness

Empire Wellness gram of Frostbyte

Today, we’re going to check out a new strain from Empire Wellness called “Frostbyte”. This is a strain I definitely haven’t heard of before, so if you know anything about it, please let us know in the comments.

Shopping na/10

Ordering / Shipping 9/10

Order Date: May 27th.

Product ordered: I actually ordered 1/8th of Space Candy, but this Frostbyte was included as a free gram. Sweet!

All together, I paid $48.25 and got about 4 grams of hemp. Not the best deal, but also not absolutely horrible either.

I should mention that this price was after I used a discount code “mjgeeks” at checkout. (this isn’t an affiliate code. It’s strictly a discount. If it becomes an affiliate code, I’ll make sure to disclose that.)

Confirmation: I got a confirmation immediately, but the package didn’t ship until May 30.

Delivery: Friday, June 1

Empire Wellness gram of Frostbyte - front

Presentation na/10

First Smell 7/10

The smell wasn’t super strong at all, but it was pleasant. A bit piney and a bit earthy.

Empire Wellness gram of Frostbyte 1

After hand grinding a piece of the bud, the pine smell became stronger, and I also smelled a hint of green apple.

Testing Grade 3/10

This product only came with potency tests. Showing the percentages of cannabinoids. And all THC scores are under the legal limit of .3%. (+3)

No pesticide tests. (-4)

No terpene analysis. (-3)

Bud Quality 9/10

Bud quality was really good. However, it was a tiny bit smushed because of the packaging.

The bud was very dense.

Empire Wellness gram of Frostbyte - next to a coin

Vaping Taste 6/10

Vaporizer used: Arizer Go

Temperature: 365

Vaping taste here was very earthy, piney, and I also got that bit of green apple toward the end. All in all, it wasn’t my favorite, but I definitely didn’t mind vaping it at all.

Empire Wellness gram of Frostbyte 2

Effects 8/10

– Good anti anxiety
– Good pain relief
– Good for relaxing

Empire Wellness gram of Frostbyte 3

Overall Value 8/10

Although Empire is one of the more expensive brands out there, I truly have enjoyed most of what I’ve gotten there.

Like I said, this one wasn’t my favorite, but I hope you can use the photos and description here to make your own judgement.

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  1. How much thc is in the frostbite strain? Do you test these strains you sell and can show results?

  2. I have found the taste delightful comparable to hashish, even though this is a legal product. I also think it buds have the smell unburned of a high grade sensimilla. It is not cheap but it did deliver ‘some’ pain relief. It lessened the burden of pain lets say. It also eases nerves associated with constant pain body stress. I would give this a 5 out of 5 stars review.

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