A Study Shows that Cannabis Users had Improved Brain Function

A study based in Massachusetts has shown improved brain function in heavy cannabis users.

The study used patients who either had not used cannabis before, or who hadn’t used for at least 2 years. participants used cannabis up to 5 days per week, multiple times per day.

This is a study that goes against a lot of the stereotypes held by prohibitionists and those against cannabis. They like to call people who use cannabis “Stoners” and say that they are slow and stupid. When the reality is that most cannabis users have had to be “in the closet”, but they are doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, and more.

Hopefully, as legalization continues to spread, we will see more bright and intelligent users start to “come out”.

By the way, this study also found that cannabis users were also able to cut or eliminate use of opioids and benzodiazepines.

Can we go ahead and legalize it already?

— Bud

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