Therapy CBD Flower from Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms - Therapy - buds - closeup

Today, we’re going to take a look at the latest strain from Tweedle Farms. In case you missed them, they are also the creators of my 2 favorite hemp strains: Suzy Q and Otto x Cherry.

Shopping 10/10

I didn’t actually have to order this, b/c Tweedle Farms was kind enough to send a sample for me to try, but all 4 other times I ordered from them, shopping was great.

Shipping 10/10

As usual, shipping was super prompt.
Tweedle Farms - Therapy - shipping - container

Tweedle Farms - Therapy - shipping - contents

Tweedle Farms - Therapy - shipping - vacuum sealed hemp

Presentation 10/10

If I only had the picture on the website to go on, I would have probably given this a lower score, but as soon as I opened the box and saw the flowers, I could tell this was going to be really nice.

Tweedle Farms - Therapy - buds - closeup2

Tweedle Farms also gets A++++++++++ for including not only a potency lab report, but they also included a pesticide lab report. This is HUGE, and they are the only ones I’ve seen doing this. THANK YOU, TWEEDLE FARMS!

Testing Grade 10/10

Safety testing: yes (+5)

Potency Testing: Yes (+3)

Terpene Analysis: Yes (+2)

Tweedle Farms Therapy Test results

Click to see full size

First Smell 9/10

The smell was really nice. And I can always tell it’s a strong smell when my wife comes in the room and immediately says I smell weed!. Haha.

Bud Quality 12/10

Like I said before, these buds looked a lot nicer in person than the pic they display on the website. ~~- Nice sized buds~- Excellent curing~- Excellent trimming~- Excellent potency – lots of trichomes~~

Tweedle Farms - Therapy - buds - closeup3

Vaping Taste 10/10

The flavor was really amazing with Therapy. I set the vaporizer at 365 and got pull after pull of super tasty vapor. Very floral and citrusy, with some earthiness. Like candy : )

Effects 10/10

Effects are really good. If you haven’t used hemp before, or have only used a tincture, it works a lot faster. Effects are very mellow for me, but not sleepy. It’s kind of hard to describe, but a very good feeling for sure.

Overall Value 10/10

Well. The fine folks at Tweedle farms have definitely done it again. This 3rd strain really makes it obvious that from growing all the way to curing and packaging, these guys really know what they are doing. ~~I highly recommend this one.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to subscribe to the blog and the Youtube Channel so you don’t miss the next reviews!~~Peace out!~– Bud

Correction: I assumed Therapy was grown at Tweedle Farms. But I just got an email from them letting me know that the Therapy was from a sister farm. I thought that was super cool that they would reach out to let us know this (Thanks!).

I can still say that they did grow my 2 favorite hemp strains of all time (so far): Suzy Q and OTTO x Cherry [greenhouse version]. And I can’t wait to try the next one!


  1. I’ve got Otto/Cherry Greenhouse as number 1, then Suzy Q as number 2.

    Where would you rank this strain?

  2. what was the least psychoactive strain you have tried so far? I get bad anxiety with any sort of similar feeling to a high. Looking for something to relax.

  3. Matthew, are you smoking hemp or vaping it? If your smoking or vaping above 400 degrees it will release THCv with has the strongest psychoactive effects.

  4. I appreciate you BudJ (ProfessaG too now). The time and energy you put into this site. This is something of a niche market (online purchase of CBD flower), so this type of review information (of strains and suppliers) isn’t the easiest to find. It really helps us decide where to spend our money.

    Constructive request for future strain reviews: photos of a given weight of the buds (say 1g or 3.5g) next to a ruler, to convey some idea of the DIMENSIONS AND DENSITY of the buds. Take the close up photos in this review, great quality, we can see the detail and trichomeyness, but it’s hard to tell how big the buds are, and how dense.

    Grinder pics would be nice too.

  5. I do have a question. Why are there so few online CBD suppliers? Is it because online CBD flower is a new niche market (I just discovered it recently)? Or is it because there’s more incentive for growers to produce MJ for legal/medical use? Or are hemp and MJ growers different, in terms of their practices/location/customers?

    I see reviews of high CBD flowers purchased from shops in recreational states, and they all seem to look way more “beautiful/bigger” than what you get online from CBDhempdirect, Tweedlefarms, etc. They don’t necessarily have more total CBD, but just look way damn better. WHY IS THAT???

  6. Have you had a chance to try the two new strains they have available?

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  8. Is the AC Diesel from cbd hemp direct better or worse than the therapy from Tweedle Farms

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