Thinking About Getting a Firefly 2? Read this First!


The Firefly 2 vaporizer is one of the more expensive vaporizers available. But if you take into consideration the fact that it works with dry herbs and concentrates, it is actually a good value.

If you are considering buying a Firefly 2, you should read/skim over the following reviews from They will give you a good idea about how the Firefly 2 performs.

“The firefly 2 does have a short battery life. I average between 2-4 sessions with it myself. Not sure about the weird taste, I didn’t have any issues with mine in that aspect.

The way it is designed, if you are wanting a lot of vapor production a long draw is going to be required. I have taken under 10 second draws and gotten great flavor, but wispier vapor.

I agree it does get dirty a bit quicker than other units, but takes all of 30 seconds to clean. After every 5 uses I just wipe mine down and I’m good to go. I haven’t noticed a drop in performance.

My SO still uses the firefly 2 daily, along with the pax 2 and air. I use it mainly for concentrates as it does a very good job with that in my opinion. If you haven’t, I definitely recommend using the app and setting your power tuning to 111% and using a higher temperature. That should help with the vapor production.”

“The firefly 2 is definitely not for everyone. You have to understand what you are purchasing to really enjoy it. The draw resistance and battery life are my two biggest issues with it personally.”

“I concur. Just got one because everyone talks about taste and quick heat up yadda yadda… But i don’t get it. It is nowhere near worth the price. I’ve watched videos, read things in forums, asked for advice… For a premium product, I shouldn’t have had to do that research. It’s genuine. I think the reviewers are paid schleppers. Hard pass if I had to choose all over again.”

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