1. Hey bud,

    I have looked at the cbd website and yea they have great prices and posted lab test results but why dont they test for pesticides? I looked at the berry exotic download and saw “not tested” . id like to know your thoughts on if you think the bud is safe,obviously your smoking it so you probably are good with it I’d like to know your thought on the test results.

    • Unfortunately, there aren’t many options right now that are tested for pesticides and harmful things.

      The 2 that do test are Tweedle Farms.com and Herbalites.com. Check out the reviews for those on mjgeeks to get an idea of what they offer. My favorite is Tweedle Farms though for what it’s worth.

      • Hey, herbalite looks good, have you reviewed the strand they have? And I used your coupon code for empirewellness thanks it saved me money and hopefully made you some. Do you have a coupon code for herbalite?

        • Hey. I ordered from them this weekend too. Saved myself some as well 🙂

          I think (not sure though) mjgeeks might work for a discount w/ herbalites. Check out the most recent review of herbalites here -> https://www.mjgeeks.com/number-five-cbd-flower-herbalites/

          I enjoyed it, but the bud quality was pretty low compared to something like empire wellness.

          I don’t make any money from the discount codes. And I don’t plan to. The only thing I’m making money on currently is the banner ads that show on the pages. One is adsense, and the other is a banner for DrGanga. They actually sell products from herbablites, cbdHempDirect, and Mission Lago farms. I’ve made about $15, which is nice. And since they just carry other peoples brands, I figured it shouldn’t be much of a conflict of interest if any.

          Just by the way. If you learn of any new hemp sellers where I can order online from the US, please ping me. I’m always looking to try and share new hemp.

          • Aye aye captain. Thanks for all the help il stay in touch.

  2. P.s

    Congrats on opening the web store ,well made. Have a good one bro.

  3. i ordered the ac/dc from tweedle farms but it got lost i guess in transit its been 9 days since it got to dallas which is only 5 hours from my house it should of went to dallas to tulsa. soooo maybe i should go with ac diesel from hemp direct even though its not as good. is the ac diesel good for anxiety and pain?

  4. sorry 4 days since it got to dallas 9 days total

    • No crying about my comments either. I’m going to keep it the realist with the company or/and inventor. 20 dollars for two grams from street people. Worst product ever

  5. I tried the AC Diesel CBD Popcorn buds from them and dang the bag was full of stems and the flowers looked like they used to be good, but there were zero gland heads on any of the flowers, I wish I could have posted a microscopic photograph. Well that’s 142$ down the toilet… Sad.

    • I gave them an email with feedback about the high level of twigs and no crystals on the flowers and they got really butthurt and accused me of :throwing shade” Not really I just gave them real feedback and showed them a pic of how real hemp looks. They offered a refund, but I have already run out of my other hemp supply and need the hemp for stress relief. I will post later how much weight of trichs actually fall off these 120 grams of flowers (+15g~ of loose stems?) and we’ll see how much I actually got for my money. They have very poor quality flowers (for popcorn at least) and very poor customer service. Avoid them! I may try other places like Tweedle Farms because their flowers look like they are actually handled with care and not some crappy machine which ripped all the glands off the flower. I never want only biomass duh. I want Trichs too.

    • I legit just order them, can you send me the pics of the buds they sent you

  6. No crying about my comments either. I’m going to keep it the realist with the company or/and inventor

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